E-mail From The Chief Of Police Telling Me He Will Send Somebody To Look Into The Matter Of The Illegal Dumpster Parked In Our Neighborhood For 4 Days In A Row.
Nothing Was Done.  He Is Such A Chronic Liar.  What A Disappointment In A Chief Of Police

He allows a renter to operate a vendor commercial business in a rental house, which is against the law in our neighborhood.
This is the 2nd vendor the Police Chief has allowed a commercial businesses to operate in our neighborhood in the past 1.5 years.

From:   Bruce Goodman <bruceg@louisvilleco.gov>   

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 To:  'Bev Beaufait' <bbeaufa@beaufait.com>
 Date:  Friday, September 20, 2013 11:00 am
 Subject:  RE: Dumpster Day 4
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Whether a person is a home owner, renter, visitor, guest, day worker, or transient, they are all treated equally by the Louisville Police Department.  We neither offer renters special considerations nor profile them for special enforcement.  Regardless of how you feel about renters, the Police Department will continue to enforce the Municipal Code equally and fairly.  An officer will be look into the trailer.

Bruce Goodman,

Chief of Police



From: Bev Beaufait [mailto:bbeaufa@beaufait.com]
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 7:45 AM
To: Bruce Goodman
Cc: City Council
Subject: Dumpster Day 4


Code Enforcement,


This is day 4 for the commercial truck and commercial dumpster being parked/stored at the stop sign on W. Elm Street and Sycamore Ct., where the renter lives.


With Code Enforcement allowing renters' commercial dumpsters and commercial trucks to be parked/stored in driveways on Sycamore Ct., other renters will follow suit, obviously.  Or did you not think of that?


This renter lives on Sycamore Ct. right across the street from where you allowed a commercial truck and dumpster to stay parked in the driveway for days on end.


This is what happens, when Code Enforcement picks and chooses when and where to enforce City Parking Codes.


I will be reporting the scofflaws on day one of the problem.  When a problem like this is not taken care of immediately, it leads others to think it is OK to do, as Code Enforcement leaves the impression that this is OK to do.


When will you ever learn? 


I will not stop reporting these problems, until Code Enforcement gets this situation under control, with the help of our City Council, who we in our neighborhood call "The Do-Nothing Congress".


Flash News Item:  Our neighborhood is not for commercial business, as it is a residential neighborhood.


This renter lives right next door, to the west, of the house in the picture with the red garage door.




Bev Beaufait