May 24, 2012 E-mail To Me From The Chief Of Police Tell Me About Placing An
"Abandoned Vehicle" Warning On This Vehicle

 From:   Bruce Goodman <>   

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 Cc:  Susan Loo <SusanL@LouisvilleCO.Gov>,  Malcolm Fleming <>,
 Meredyth Muth <>
 Date:  Thursday, May 24, 2012 04:02 pm
 Subject:  Reported Abandoned Vehicle
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May 24, 2012

Dear Ms. Beaufait:

Your complaints about the abandoned vehicle and the actions of Louisville Police personnel were forwarded to me.  I believe it is unproductive to go through every detail of your two emails, so I have attempted to condense the issues and my responses.

         When you called dispatch on May 18 you stated an incorrect location for the truck.  Officer Martin was dispatched to that location and finding no such vehicle assumed it had been moved.

         We are unaware of your reporting abandoned vehicles during the two weeks prior to May 18.

         Based upon your call to dispatch today, Officer Martin found the truck and determined the registered owner to be from another city.  Unable to contact the owner, he acted within our protocol of placing an Abandoned Vehicle warning tag on the vehicle.  This gives the owner a fair opportunity to contact us or move the vehicle before it is ticketed or towed.

         Officer Martin, Sergeant Ragulsky and Commander Kingston are all unaware of a Louisville ordinance pertaining to the parking distance from a stop sign.  The Model Traffic Code of Colorado prohibits parking within 20 feet of a painted crosswalk at an intersection.

         I am sorry that you believe you are being ignored.  Officers responded immediately to each of your complaints and, I believe, acted appropriately in each instance.  It is my experience that Louisville Officers care very much about the appearance of our City. 

         I assure you that we are attending to your complaint and that future actions by the Officers will be based upon what is legal and suitable.

         Your gender is irrelevant in our responses to this matter.   


Thank you,

Bruce Goodman

Chief of Police