December 17, 2012 E-mail From Bruce (Police Chief) Trying To Not Do His Job For One Reason Or Another.  He Is A Whiner.

Below are our parking laws that Bruce refuses to enforce.



Sec. 17.20.160. Motor vehicle parking limitations.permanent link to this piece
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B.  On residential lots, no more than two motor vehicles may be parked on any area of the lot other than within a fully enclosed structure or on the paved driveway which is intended for parking or access to the garage or carport. A motor vehicle which is parked or stored on an improved surface adjacent to a paved driveway, or in a rear yard, a side yard, or a side yard adjacent to the street shall be counted towards the limit of two such vehicles. No more than one such motor vehicle may be an inoperable vehicle as defined in section 8.16.040.D.1 of this Code.

Sec. 17.20.100. - Parking spaces not to be used for storage or advertising. Required parking spaces shall be available for the parking of operable passenger automobiles of residents, customers, patrons, and employees only, and shall not be used for the storage of vehicles or materials or for the parking of trucks used in conducting the business or use, or for the purpose of advertising.(Code 1977, 17.20.100; Ord. No. 715-1981, 15)

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 To:  Bev Beaufait <>
 Date:  Monday, December 17, 2012 06:07 pm
 Subject:  RE: City Abandon Car Codes
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Mrs. Beaufait:

A motor vehicle is not abandoned when it has a current vehicle registration, when is mechanically operable, and when it remains under the control of a owner or operator.  By your own descriptions, it isnt abandoned because the owner moves it.  In Louisville, parking on the street is not against the law and the Police Department will not pester people because you do not like the appearance of parked cars in your neighborhood.  Im sorry that your disagree, but the Police Department will not take action for this and similar parking issues.

Bruce Goodman,

Chief of Police 



From: Bev Beaufait []
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2012 11:32 AM
To: Bruce Goodman
Subject: City Abandon Car Codes




The tan truck is still abandoned next to Sundance Park on Sycamore Street. 


Over the years, I have been given/told many versions of "neighborhood parking on City streets" over the years.  It has been very confusing.  The version depends on who I speak with.


This tan truck was first reported last March for this truck being abanoned.  The owner moved it.  Then it was reported in May as abandoned on W. Elm Street in front of the Stop Sign at that intersection.  The owner moved it.  This tan truck was again reported as abandoned in October and again November.  Both times the owner moved the truck temporarily, only to abandon it next to Sundance Park again and again.  Pictures were sent proving this recurring abandonment situation to Code Enforcement, who cannot control the owner of this tan truck.


Others who have been "tagged", moved their vehicles ASAP.  The owner of this tan truck does not.


Why is not the owner of this tan truck also "tagged", as abandoned for removal?  Or is it?  Is the owner of this truck only told to "move" the vehicle?  Why is the owner of this tan truck not compliant with the "only a few days neighborhood parking allowed"? 


Can our City Attorney check out the laws for folks who do not comply, like others? 


This truck owner should not be allowed to be allowed to constantly park on our City streets.  If this owner needs more parking space, the owner should rent parking space elsewhere for "long term" parking for his needs, as others do.  He has room in front of his house to park the truck.  We in the neighborhood assume he does not want to look at it in front of his house.  We in the neighborhood do not want to look at this truck parked next to Sundance Park for 2 weeks out of every month since October.  And just around the corner is the fire hydrant, to boot.


This time around, the tan truck first parked at Sundance Park on Sycamore Street on Friday, November 30.  It was late at night; I did not get a picture.  But, I have sent you the pictures dated December 1 to 6.  Here are pictures from December 7 to today showing the tan truck still abandoned.  So, that makes 13 days in a row for this vehicle parked there with picture proofs.  A number of years ago, Code Enforcement told me that 14 days is the limit for abandoned vehicles in residential neighborhoods.



Bev Beaufait